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DJ/Producer/Remixer • Audio Engineer • Music Composition • Househead

Life is like music; it must be composed by ear, feeling, and instinct, not by rule.Samuel Butler

When most people were outside playing sports I was indoors listening to the radio, with a bunch of blank cassettes I purchased with my allowance money, and making my own mix tapes. When I grew bored waiting for certain songs to play on the radio, I went through the music collections of my older brother and sisters to record some of their stuff. When I started making my own money, I began purchasing more of my own music.  I would look to see if there was a full version and an instrumental on everything I bought so I could go home and make my own versions of my favorite songs.

I was doing all of this as early as thirteen, not even aware there were people in major studios getting paid lots of money for doing the same thing.  I thought this was just a fun hobby.  Looking back, it made sense that somehow I would try to turn that hobby into a way of life.  I started producing, engineering and remixing records after I took a couple of computer music classes in college.  My first original tracks and remixes go back to 1996, with my first official release appearing on Nervous Dog Records in 2000.  Since then I’ve created a lot of noise for various labels and artists across the globe.  Here’s an ongoing list of my music work thus far.

Check out my Spotify page to hear samples many of the records listed in my discography.  Music is also available for purchase on iTunes, Beatport and Traxsource.

Midnight Society – Discography

Original Works

Midnight Society – Run (Big Speaker Music)

Midnight Society – Demons (SoundGroove)
Midnight Society – Keep Risin’ (Big Speaker Music)
Midnight Society – Nebula Drums (SoundGroove)

Midnight Society – Games (SoundGroove)
Retrotech – The Battle Cry (No Justice, No Peace!) (Peace Bisquit) *

Midnight Society & Reginald Johnson – Hold Me Tight (SoundGroove)
Midnight Society & Brian Halligan –  Acid Sledge (SoundGroove)
Midnight Society – Marimbadub (Central Underground Recordings)

Midnight Society- Just Wanna Be Free- Music In Your Life (SoundGroove)
Midnight Society & Bass Rokwell – The Message (Afro Acid Digital)

Midnight Society & Bass Rokwell – Music In Your Life (SoundGroove)
Midnight Society feat. Ray Gunnz & Kris Tea –  A** Shaking Music (SoundGroove)
Midnight Society & Brian Halligan – Don’t Stop, Get Up! (SoundGroove)
Midnight Society & Brian Halligan – The Thrill (SoundGroove)
Midnight Society – Revolution (Dark Industry)

Midnight Society & Manny Ward – Big Mouth (Twisted)
Midnight Society – Evolution (SoundGroove)

Midnight Society – Revolution (Dark Industry)

Midnight Society – Retrotech EP w/ Need You Baby & Spanish Sol (SoundGroove)
Midnight Society – The Solitude EP w/ Crossroads & Where Are You? (SoundGroove)

Midnight Society – Salvation (Royal Advisor)
Midnight Society – It’s Nasty (SoundGroove)

Midnight Society – Back 2 Basics – The Album (SoundGroove)
Midnight Society – Tribulations (Tribute To My Sister) (SoundGroove)
Midnight Society – Live Learn Serve (SoundGroove)
Midnight Society – Sanctuary (Undergroovy)

Midnight Society & Reed McGowan – Occupy The Dancefloor (SoundGroove)
Midnight Society – Radiate (Magna Recordings)
Midnight Society – Back 2 Basics Again w/ This Is My House & All Over The World (SoundGroove)

Midnight Society – Jungle (Coraza)
Midnight Society – Circles (SoundGroove)
Midnight Society & Mike Ivy – Evil DiskHo (Mjuzeeik Digital)
Midnight Society, Amoroso & Nyeelah – Twist My Knobs (SoundGroove)
Midnight Society – Discotek (Slaag)
Midnight Society – Back 2 Basics Too w/ Dancin’ (All Night Long) & The Feeling (SoundGroove)
Midnight Society & Ray Gunnz – Tear It Up (SoundGroove)

Midnight Society – Baybee (Shamati Records)
Midnight Society – Back 2 Basics EP w/ The Big Beat & Ibiza Sunrise (2010)
Midnight Society – Teknologique (SoundGroove)

Midnight Society pres. The Gameboyz – Pakku / Space Cadet (SoundGroove)
Midnight Society pres. Tribal Degeneration – Deepest Afrika (SoundGroove)
Midnight Society feat. Joey Alvarado – Hot & Sweaty (SoundGroove)
Midnight Society pres. Curtis Atchison – C’mon & Feel It (SoundGroove)
Midnight Society feat. Curtis Atchison – Close Your Eyes (SoundGroove)

Midnight Society vs. Deka – You Know You Want It (Coraza)

Cybernasty – Beautiful (How Does It Feel) (Coraza)
Midnight Society feat. Maxine Stayfree – Digital Hardcore (SoundGroove)
Midnight Society, Corbo & Mirage – That’s It (Stealth)
Midnight Society feat. Lula – Drum Nation (SoundGroove)

Midnight Society feat. Joey Alvarado – Ritmo y Tambores (SoundGroove)
Tribal Denegeration – Dangerzone (SoundGroove)
Midnight Society feat. Kieran – Vanity (SoundGroove)

Midnight Society – Unreleased Projects EP (Loop 128)
Midnight Society feat. Alan T – Jungle Juice (Anodyne)
Midnight Society feat. Jade Elektra – How Do I Look (Pure Music Productions)

Midnight Society feat. Kieran – Drum Drama (Sheeva)
Midnight Society – Summer Breeze (Sheeva)
NY Tribulation – Mother Africa (Slaag)

Midnight Society feat. Alan T – Space Jam (Harlequin / Anodyne)

Midnight Society feat. Alan T – Strange Shades Of Light (SFP)

Cybernatrikx – Dirty Pleasures (Deeper, Harder) (SFP)

Midnight Society – The Tone Depth EP (Nervous Dog)


Bashar – Memories Of Sound (BE-Sounds) *
Coreyography – Do 2 Me (Supa Queen Records)
Altar & Jeanie Tracy – High (Cha Cha Heels Records)
Keven Maroda – Jungle Jim (SoundGroove)

San Mateo feat. Craig Mitchell – Can’t Get Enough (SoundGroove)
Roxy – Hexagon (Aviance) *
Ceevox – Higher (SoundGroove)

Will Monotone feat. Craig Mitchell – We Are (Not) Enemies (SoundGroove)
Tracy Young & Ceevox – Shining Bright (Ferosh Records)
Breeze – Freedom (Aviance) *
Southboys feat. Dilek Taskin – Organik 2021 Remixes (SoundGroove)
Washed Out – Too Late (Sub Pop / Peace Bisquit)
Ultra Nate – Free (Live Your Life) (Strictly Rhythm) *

Angie Stone – Life Story (BRM / Peace Bisquit) *
Kiwi Dreams, Darrell Martin, Omri Anghel – It’s Ovah (Realness Music) *
Roxy – Summertime Romance (Aviance Records)
Robi Uppin – Fade (Plastic City FX)
Robi Uppin – Coffee Bar Discussions (Plastic City FX)
Black Stereo Faith – Hey (Blufire / Epod Music / Peace Bisquit) *
Klymaxx feat. Bernadette Cooper – Generational (Peace Bisquit) *

Rick Corbo – Got Me For Life (SoundGroove)

Enrique Iglesias – El Baño (Sony Latin / Citrusonic)
Laverne Cox – Beat For The Gods (Wash Face No Base / Citrusonic)
Pat Hodges – Don’t Wanna Let You Go (Frixton)
Nona Hendryx – I Feel Joy (TBA) *
Quentin Harris & Ultra Naté Present: Black Stereo Faith – Hey (Peace Bisquit) *
Lenny Kravitz – Low (Roxie / BMG / Warner) *

Robi Uppin – Our Music (SoundGroove)
Smash Mouth – Walking On The Sun 2017 (UMG / Citrusonic)

Beat Tribe – Momentum (SoundGroove)

Niccolas G – Don’t You (SoundGroove)
Uch – Sadie (SoundGroove)
Manny Ward presents Damiano & to3 – Let Me See U (SoundGroove)
Keven Maroda – Catechism (SoundGroove)

Mindskap – Nightshift (Grind Trax)
Manny Ward – No Fiction (SoundGroove)
Mike Ivy & Ted ‘The Dillinger’ – Backspinn (SoundGroove)
Spiritmindster – 518 (SoundGroove)
Frank Lamboy feat. Dirty Disco Diva – My Pussy (7 Stars Music)
DJ Alex F – Ritual Dance (Houzone Music)
Sagia – Something Else (SoundGroove)
Uch feat. Tess – Amor Ibiza (Black Storm Music)

Sagia – That’s Right (SoundGroove)
Rokwell & Corbo – Speechless (SoundGroove)
The Girl – Fired Up! (Eightball Digital)
Cedric Vian & Romain Pelletti – Makomba (Undergroovy)
Aargus – Illusion (SoundGroove)
A. Salih & Erik Elias – White Pill Friday (SoundGroove)
DJ Dextro – Dark Floor (Grind Trax)
Friscia & Lamboy feat. Jennifer Carbonell – People (SoundGroove)
Village People – Let’s Go Back To The Dance Floor (Sunshine Sound)

Avri feat. Leeroy – Rain (SoundGroove)
Pedro Diaz & Ludde La Rosa feat. Josefine Sinclair – Champagne (Cool Beat)
Avatar One feat. Alexandra Greene – Charity (Kult)
School Girls – These Boots (SoundGroove)
Midnight Society feat. Alan T – Space Jam Remixes (SoundGroove)
Maria Salandra – How Deep *** (SoundGroove)
Edson Pride & Sweet Beatz Project – Here We Are (Epride Music Digital)
DJ Deka & Craig Mitchell – Rain Down On Me (SoundGroove)
Nacho Chapado & Smaz feat. Sue McLaren – Behind The Eyes (Guareber)
Keven Maroda feat. Deanna Lacava – Obsessive (SoundGroove)
DJ Case feat. Sugar Shane – Stalker (SoundGroove)
Joe Mancuso – S.T.O.A.N. (SoundGroove)
Fifth Avenue – Adagio (SoundGroove)
Carol Hahn & Karin Nagi – You Have Rescued Me (Sobel Promotions)
Nacho Chapado & Smaz feat. Patricia Ledig – Trust In The Universe (Guareber)
Jun Yagi – Did You See (SoundGroove)
Erik Elias – Let’s Do It (SoundGroove)

Avri – Love Again Remixes (SoundGroove)
Mentor – Time Coded (SoundGroove)
Richie Santana – Music Is Freedom (Stereo Productions)
DJ Grouse – Indecision (When The Night Is Over) (Cool Beat Records)
Manny Ward & Joi Cardwell – All Night (Slanted Black)
Ebonee Excell – Don’t Say Sorry (SoundGroove)
Da Silva & Lino – Hexen **** (SoundGroove)
Kiyohito – Gabbo (SoundGroove)
Tribal Injection – First Love (SoundGroove)
E.G. Fullalove – Didn’t I Know (Divas To The Dancefloor) (SoundGroove)
Robi Uppin – Just As I Do (Both Gone) (SoundGroove)
Jaguar Paw feat. Bass Rokwell – Respect My Aggression (SoundGroove)
RLP & Barbara Tucker feat. Lil Jon – R.E.S.P.E.C.T (Tommy Boy)

Laconic – Deep End (SoundGroove)
Keven Maroda feat. Mora – 143 (I Love You) (SoundGroove)
Southboys feat. Dilek Taskin – Organik Remixes (SoundGroove)
Nuno Clam & Sounds of the Dark – Mother (Overskin)
Dalipstyxx – Fierce (Kult)
Mause – L.N.O. (SoundGroove)
Samn! – Synthetic Hearts (Royal Adviser)
This Way – Salvation (Bodyshakin’) – (SoundGroove)
Contorto feat. Alan T – Queenie (Slanted Black)
DJ Deka – I Need (Fatxl / Factomania)
Altar feat. Amannda – Can You Hear Me (Mamahouse)

Tribal Banger – Madness (SoundGroove)
Richie Beretta feat. The Ranger – Gna Getcha (Put Your Hands Up) – (SoundGroove)
Pedro Diaz – This Is The Sound Remixes (SoundGroove)
D-Lav, Shlavens & Craig Mitchell – Noises Remixes (SoundGroove)
Jaguar Paw feat. Bass Rokwell – The Change (SoundGroove)
Edson Pride – Ardiente (HMSPmusic)
Da Silva & Lino – Wilderness (Quanza Records)
Avri feat. Johanna – Love Again (SoundGroove)

Rick Corbo feat. Krystal Cruz – Love You Tonight (SoundGroove)
DJ Dextro & Tarot – Freedom Is Invisible (Latitude)
DelRubbio – I Want U (Cristal)
DJ Mike Ivy & Dave Rose feat. Pauly Love – The Sun Is Coming (Quanza)
Deka feat. Craig Mitchell – Rain Down On Me (SoundGroove)
Bass Rokwell – Do For You (SoundGroove)
Mike Mucci – Fat (Amplitude)
Keven Maroda – Mistakes (SoundGroove)
Armand Pena – Waiting For You (Nervous)
Manny Ward & Craig Mitchell – Tribal Zone (Slanted Black)
RhythmDB feat. Rafaele Rivera – Livin’ On A Dream (SoundGroove)
Kristen Ficara – Crawl (SoundGroove)
Massivedrum & XL Garcia – Lost In The Sound (SoundGroove)
Saeed Younan – To The Beat (Younan Music)
Keven Maroda – N.O.W (SoundGroove)
D-Lav & Jay Prouty feat. Craig Mitchell – Soul Free (Slanted Black)
Edson Pride – Feel My Music (Coraza)
Tracy Young & Ceevox – What’s Done Is Done (Ferosh)
Da Silva & Lino – Wiretrip (SoundGroove)
Southboys feat. Dilek Taskin – Organik (SoundGroove)
Altar feat. Jeannie Tracy – Everybody Up (Tommy Boy Silver)

Mickiyagi feat. Orly Weinerman – If You Like (SoundGroove)
Jade Elektra – Trade (SoundGroove)
DeMarko! – BodyJack (SoundGroove)
DJ Pirra – Tribal Path (Sheeva)
FC Nond – Star (Sheeva)
Xenon – Something Holy (SoundGroove)
Kynt – Makes Me Hot (featuring Joey Alvarado) (Mamahouse)
Saillant feat. Oliver Twisted – Begin The Beginning (SoundGroove)
Pedro Diaz – This Is The Sound (SoundGroove)

Altar feat. Jeanie Tracy – Party People (Mamahouse)
Barry Huffine feat. Kareema Castro – Empower! (Purchase Muzik)
David Gordon – I Need You (Pure Music Productions)
Jordan Rivera feat. Sherretha Campbell – Desire (Slanted Black)
Cytric feat. Kieran – Don’t You Want Some More (SoundGroove)
Keven Maroda – Te Quiero (feat. Kristen Ficara) (SoundGroove)
Randy Friess – The Movement (HMSP)
Vanessa Condé – Peace & Love (SoundGroove)
D-Lav, Shlavens & Craig Mitchell – Noises (SoundGroove)
Bass Rokwell – Aboriginal (SoundGroove)
Maya Azucena – Make It Happen (SoundGroove / Kult Records)
Krystal Cruz – Shadows Of Your Love (SoundGroove)

Amber – Just Like That (JMCA) **
DJ Style – So Bad (Knob)
Pepper Mashay & Digital Trip – Send Me An Angel (Sonic Adrenaline)
Raw Deal feat. Toni Ann Bardell – He Gives More (Wakko)
S. Gomez vs. DJ Paulo – Allow The Drums (Pure Music Productions)
Dawn Tallman – Testify (Slaag)

Angelica De No – Music Made The Addict (Miswax)
Rob Mirage – Forever (Loop 128)
N.Y. Tribulation – Mother Africa (Slaag)
Hibernate – Submit (Sheeva / Radikal)

DJ Petzi – The New Dimension (Magna)
Corbo & Corbett presents Bass Rokwell – Filters & Drums (Harlem Traxx)
Bob Sinclair – Kiss My Eyes (Star 69)
Industry – Release Me (Star 69)
Dawn Tallman – Heavenly Light (Slaag)
In-Grid – Shock (B.I.G)

Suzanne Palmer – Show Me (Star 69)
Lula – The DJ, The Music & Me (Star 69)
Chynna – Deeper (Harlequin)

Robi Uppin – Coffeebar Discussion (Lapdance)
Robi Uppin – Fade (Driftwood)
Laconic feat. Mona – Fresh Air (Harlequin)

All releases are commercially available on physical (Vinyl, CD) and/or digital (WAV, AIF, MP3, MP4) format.
* – as Retrotech with DJ/Producer Manny Ward
** – collaboration with DJ/Producer Rick Corbo
*** – collaboration with DJ/Producer Reed McGowan
**** – collaboration with DJ/Producer Paulo Gois

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