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Man doing, I’m doing this, I’m doing fine… And it’s mine what I’m doing. Who am I? Just ask, I am what I do.Frankie Valentine

Welcome to the culmination of my creative mania…
Curtis Atchison is the talent behind the alter ego known as “Midnight Society”. His name & moniker can be found on releases and mixed compilations on more than thirty different record labels including Stealth Records, Stereo Productions, Younan Music, Azuli Records, and Nervous Records. Curtis has headlined parties during Carnival & LGBT Pride in both Brazil and Mexico City, and the Black & Blue and Divers/Cité festivals in Montreal. He’s also played at several major venues in Portugal, as well as a special appearance at the Linga Bar in Siem Riep, Cambodia. His yearly “Drum Nation” event has been showcased in Miami for the Winter Music Conference and the Netherlands for the Amsterdam Dance Event. Curtis also plays and hosts a monthly party in New York called “Mainframe”. His record label, SoundGroove Records, is now in its eighteenth year in operation with more than 100 different releases from artists all over the world. Several of the songs have been licensed by MTV Networks and E! Entertainment Television for use on programs such as “Jersey Shore”, “The Pauly D Project” and during live red carpet interview segments for the Golden Globes and the Oscars.

Curtis is a DJ/Producer, a graphic designer, a web designer, an audio engineer and remixer, a digital record label owner, a videographer, a photographer, a multimedia specialist (thanks, Lesley University), a classic video game freak, a nightlife enthusiast, a computer nerd and a hopeless anime addict. Not necessarily in that order.

He also loves roller coasters and occasionally likes to cook (Mixin’ In Da Kitchen). Good music and good food will save the soul and eventually the world. Make yourself comfortable, look around and listen to stuff. Enjoy!!!

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