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There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.Robert Frank

Photography is a new endeavor for me. For years I was programmed with the knowledge to sell digital cameras. I could talk the language and sound like an expert, but had no idea what to do beyond setting a camera on automatic and pressing the shutter button. When I moved back to Boston and enrolled at Lesley University, I decided to take an introduction course to digital photography so I could learn a little bit of what I was talking about. The introduction course eventually lead me to two different commercial photography courses taught by the same professor. Initially I felt intimidated because I thought I was the only non-photography major in these classes. But over time I learned there was no exact way to take a good picture. Some photographs I thought would have been rejected because of blur or some kind of color distortion were embraced by the professor and other students. It became less about simply taking a photo, but coming to the realization you had the ability to preserve a moment of time in a split second, and learning how to respect that power.

The seed was planted by the late Robert Devoluy (RIP), then further nurtured by friends Dalia Tapia and Judith Ouellette, professors/photographers Fred Levy and John Goodman. Without your influences, I would still be speaking the specs with absolutely nothing cool to show for it.  Thank you!!!


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